Kidnapping at Kuril Bishwaroad.

Date: 2024-04-29
In a shocking turn of events, MD Moshiur Rahman Mazumder an officer of Thyrocare Bangladesh Limited, has been kidnapped from Kuril Bishwaroad Area when he was going home
From the airport on 26-04-2024. He had just returned from Canada after a pleasure trip. On his way home a white Hi-Ace Microbus stopped them on the road and 5-8 armed and masked men abducted him on gunpoint says, his brother Md Mehebubur Rahman who remains the eyewitness of event and also got injured by their attack. Concerns for Moshiur’s safety are mounting. The victim’s brother claims police seemed to be indifferent and noncooperative. Our sources tell us, Moshiur was having issues going on with the owner of Thyrocare, Reaz Islam when he became a whistleblower. An anonymous colleague of Moshiur told us that Reaz Islam is a very powerful man and has a history of hunting the people who raised their voices against him. That also includes his former employees.

-Kuril Correspondent

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